"Web extras" relating to 2018 and 2019 Annals special issues on desktop publishing

This web page will be updated as new documents and videos are available and as the second special issue comes together in mid-2019.
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The first of these two special issues is being publishing as Annals issue 3 of 2018. The second issues is scheduled to be issue 2 of 2019. The papers in the first issue deal with technology developments that led up to desktop publishing. The papers in the second issue will deal with the development of the desktop publishing technology and business itself.

Special issue contents

DTP pioneers meeting

The two special issues grew out of a May 2017 two-day meeting of desktop publishing pioneers held at the Computer History Museum (CHM). There have been two anticipatory write-ups since the meeting and before publication of the first special issue: in the Annals (search for "Events & Sightings") and in TUGboat, the journal of the TeX Users Group.

Videos and transcripts from the meeting are (becoming) available on the CHM web server:

  1. Purpose and Introductions of Participants: transcript; video when available
  2. Technology in the 1960s: transcript; video when available
  3. Technology in the 1970s: transcript; video when available
  4. Technology in the 1980s: transcript; video when available
  5. Seybold Newsletter and Seminars: transcript/video when available
  6. Adobe: transcript/video when available
  7. Ventura, Aldus and Apple: transcript/video when available
  8. Atex and TeX: transcript/video when available
  9. Impact on the Future of Desktop Publishing: transcript/video when available

Group photo

© Douglas Fairbairn Photography; courtesy of the Computer History Museum

Related oral histories of desktop computing pioneers

Extras for Rocappi history paper by Jonathan Seybold

Extras relating to the two Atex anecdotes

Extras relating to Xerox PARC

Lots of documentation is availably about Xerox PARC, which figures prominently several of the papers in the special issues and in the meeting transcrips; see, for instance:

Extras (including any corrections) for TeX history paper(s) by Beeton, Berry, and Walden

Relevant prior Annals special issue