IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
Department Information

The Annals has had a variety of different departments over the life of the journal. In recent years the departments in use have been Think Piece, Anecdotes, Reviews, Events & Sightings, Biographies, and Interviews. Pieces for the departments are typically less than half the length of peer-reviewed feature articles (except as noted). Writing for the departments also does not go through the Annals peer-review process and instead is reviewed and edited by the relevant department editor, who also works with the author to choose an appropriate length for what's written.

Some notes on the typical contents of the various departments follow. If you are thinking about a contribution to one of the departments, make contact with the department editor.

Department editors

Thank Piece: Bradley Fidler,
Anecdotes: David Walden,
Reviews: Gerardo Con Diaz,
Events and Sightings: editor position currently open,
Biographies: Irina Nikivincze,
Interviews: Dag Spicer,

Think Piece department

Anecdotes department

Reviews department

Events and Sightings department

Biographies department

Interviews department