Events and Sightings Web Extras

Because of space considerations in the January-March 2009 issue, we were unable to feature the following photos for the Events and Sightings department article from the SHOT meeting in Lisbon, from the conference honoring Takakazu Seki, and from the SENAC-1 event.

Figure 1 
Fig. 1. At the SHOT meeting, Tom Misa announced
the new SIGCIS prize for outstanding work in the
history of computing: the Computer History Museum

Figure 2 
Fig. 2. Lunch at the SIGCIS annual meeting.

Figure 3 
Fig. 3. Signatures at the Takakazu Seki exhibition.

Figure 4 
Fig. 4. Takakazu Seki illustration at the 300th
anniversary of his death conference, preserved
at Ichinoseki City Museum.

Figure 5 
Fig. 5. Shoichi Noguchi gave a commemorative
speech at the SENAC-1 anniversary.

Figure 6 
Fig. 6. Hitoshi Watanabe gave a talk at the SENAC-1