Samuel N. Alexander

Director of the Standards Eastern Automatic Computer (SEAC) project of the National Bureau of Standards.

Honors and Awards: IEEE Computer Society Pioneer Award, 1980.


Significant Publications

Alexander, Samuel, "Input and Output Devices for Electronic Digital Calculating Machinery," Proc. Symp. Large-Scale Digital Calculating Machinery, Harvard Univ. Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1948, pp. 248-253.

Wegstein, Joseph H. and Samuel N. Alexander, "Programming Scientific Calculators," Control Engineering, Vol. 3, May 1956, pp. 89-92.


In 1967 Sam Alexander received the IEEE Computer Society Harry H. Goode Memorial Award for his technical achievements. (MRW, 2012)

Samuel N. Alexander died December 9, 1967 in Chevy Chase, MD. (THVV, 2023)

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