James L. Buie

Born 1920; died September 1988; inventor of transistor-to-transistor logic circuits.

Education: BSEE, University of Southern California, 1950.

Professional Experience: Ramo-Woolridge Corp. (later to become TRW, Inc.), 1954-1983.

Honors and Awards: As a naval aviator in World War II, Buie rose to the rank of lieutenant commander, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

While working for TRW, Inc., Los Angeles, in the early 1960s, Buie developed and patented TTL circuitry, which became the dominant IC technology in the 1970s and early 1980s. His other innovations in microelectronics included dielectrically isolated ICs, single-chip parallel multipliers, single-chip analog-to-digital converters, and triple-diffused bipolar devices. In 1963 he helped establish the company's Microelectronics Center, and in 1977 the LSI Products Division. [From the IEEE]

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