Alonzo Church

Born June 14, 1903, Washington, D. C.; mathematical logician, creator of the Lambda Calculus who contributed the Church-Rosser theorem to the study of computer science.

Education: AB, Princeton University, 1924; PhD, mathematics, Princeton University, 1927.

Professional Experience: national research fellow in mathematics, Harvard University, 1927-1928; University of Göttingen and University of Amsterdam, 1929; Princeton University, assistant professor, professor, 1929-1967; UCLA, professor, philosophy and mathematics, 1967-present.

Honors and Awards: DSc, Case Western Reserve University member, 1969; National Academy of Science.


"Our subject is logic--or as we may say more fully, in order to distinguish from certain topics and doctrines which have (unfortunately) been called by the same name, it is formal logic." (Introduction to Formal Logic, 1956)



Kleene, S. C., "Recursive Function Theory," Ann. Hist. Comp., Vol. 3, No. 1, 1981, pp.52-67.

Significant Publications

Church, Alonzo, The Calculi of Lambda-Conversion, Kraus Reprint Corp., New York, 1965, reprint of the 1941 ed. published by Princeton University Press.

Church, Alonzo, Introduction to Mathematical Logic. Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1956.


Alonzo Church died August 11, 1995. Portrait inserted, MRW, 2012.

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