Design decisions for the Computer Pioneers web pages

Rather than trying to match the layout of printed pages in a book, the Web implementation of JAN Lee's Computer Pioneers hosted at the IEEE Computer web site uses a layout that supports multiple different browsers and display environments. In the web environment, users control their screen size, fonts, and other display parameters.

Each page of the original book was scanned into MS Word and corrected by Prof. Mike Williams. He produced a PDF for each biography that matches the original book. The PDFs do not identify the book or J.A.N. Lee, or contain any links or page numbers. When viewed on the web, these PDFs do not mention IEEE or contain a copyright notice; their title line says e.g. "Microsoft Word - AB Word 97.doc - Adams.pdf."

Our Web implementation consists of an index page, a few pages of front matter and explanation, and 290 web pages containing biographies of computer pioneers. The pages contain a picture of the subject, if one is available, and may contain just a little information, or quite a lot. Links are also provided to the PDF files for each biography.

Visitors will often arrive at pages of the site by Google searches, or by links from other web pages, so each page must be understandable by itself, and give the reader a chance to find other pages.

Here are the choices we have made:

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