Richard Goldberg

Born May 22, 1924, Philadelphia, Pa.; member, Fortran development group, who helped to develop the earliest method of register allocation.

Education: BA, Swarthmore College, 1948; PhD, mathematics, New York University, 1954.

Professional Experience: postgraduate fellow, NYU's Courant Institute, 1954-1955; member, research staff, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, 1955-present.

Honors and Awards: Several IBM awards for the work on Fortran.

Participant in the Fortran development project with John Backus, Goldberg was involved in working on the code optimization routines and especially register allocation. The method, when used on straight line code, was later shown to be optimum.



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Significant Publications

Goldberg, Richard, "On the Solvability of a Subclass of the Suronyi Reduction Class," J. Symbolic Logic, Vol. 28, No. 3, Sept. 1963, pp. 237-244.


Richard Goldberg died on February 3, 2008 (THVV, 2021)

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