Geoffrey Gordon

Originator of the simulation language GPSS.

When the GPSS language first appeared, Geoffrey Gordon was manager of Simulation Development in the Advanced Systems Development Division of IBM, soon after joining the corporation from the Bell Telephone Laboratories. The division had been formed principally to investigate the design and application of information processing systems using telecommunications. Simulation was an essential tool for studying these complex systems, both for the design of the systems themselves and for understanding the impact of the systems on the organizations that were to use them. [From Wexelblat 1981.]



Gordon, Geoffrey, "The Development of the General Purpose Simulation System (GPSS)," in Wexelblat, Richard L., ed., History of Programming Languages, Academic Press, New York, 1981, Chapter 8.

Significant Publications

Gordon G., "A General Purpose Systems Simulation Program," Proc. EJCC, Vol. 20, 1961, pp. 87-104.


Geoffrey Gordon was born in England May 17, 1924. He died at age 65 in Washington, New Jersey, on December 19, 1989. (THVV 2013)

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