Norman H. Taylor

Whirlwind computer and SAGE system engineer.

Education: BA, Bates College, 1937; MSEE, MIT, 1939.

Professional, Experience: Whirlwind project, MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1947-1952; Lincoln Laboratory: associate head, Computer Division, 1952-1958, manager, SAGE Weapons Integration, 1958-1959; Itek Corp., Control Data Corporation, and Arthur D. Little, 1958-1969; founder, president, Corporate-Tech Planning, 1969-1982; independent consultant, 1982-present.

Honors and Awards: fellow, IEEE; Electronic Reliability Award, IEEE.

Taylor worked on the Whirlwind project at the MIT Digital Computer Laboratory from 1947 to 1952 and was associate head of Lincoln Laboratory's Computer Division, where he was in charge of the MTC, the FSQ-7, and the TX-0 and TX-2 computers [See also the biography of Ken Olsen.] By 1958 to 1959 he was manager of SAGE weapons integration. From 1958 to 1969 he worked for Itek Corporation, Control Data Corporation, and Arthur D. Little. In 1969 he founded and until 1982 was president of Corporate-Tech Planning. He is now an independent consultant. He helped run the first Joint Computer Conferences in 1950-1951.


Taylor died on March 27, 2009, aged 92. (MRW, 2013)

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