James A. Weidenhammer

IBM employee and the inventor with Walter S. Buslik of the vacuum column [US Patent 3,057,568, filed May 28, 1952: Tape Feed Mechanism.] and numerous other features widely used on magnetic tape drive. [Based on Pugh, Emerson W., Lyle R. Johnson, and John H. Palmer, IBM's 360 and Early 370 Systems, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1991.] First project with IBM was to design the paper tape stepping mechanism for the ASCC (Harvard Mark I).

Education: BS, mechanical engineering, Lehigh University, 1938.

Professional Experience: joined IBM Endicott Laboratory and transferred to Poughkeepsie in 1949 to work on magnetic tape drives.


James Weidenhammer died on January 26, 2013. (THVV, 2017)

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