John Weber Carr III

Born May 16, 1923, Durham, N.C.; numerical analyst; founder and first editor of ACM Computing Reviews.

Education: BS, Duke University, 1943; MS, MIT, 1949; PhD, mathematics, MIT, 1951.

Professional Experience: University of Michigan: research mathematician, 1952-1955; assistant and associate professor, 1955-1959; University of North Carolina: associate professor and director, Research Computing Center, 1959-1962, associate professor, 1962-1963, professor, 1963-1966, chairman graduate group, Computing and Information Sciences, 1966-1973; Moore School of Engineering, University of Pennsylvania: professor, 1966-present.

Honors and Awards: president ACM, 1957-1958; ACM Distinguished Service Award 1975.


John Carr died of pancreatic cancer at his home in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, April 1997.

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