Walter M. Carlson

Born September 18, 1916, Denver, Colo.; distinguished computer engineer who combined careers in chemical engineering and computing to concern himself and his society with the future of computing and the benefits of the computer

Education: BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado, 1938; MS, Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado, 1939.

Professional Experience: manager, Operations Analysis, Engineering Service Division, DuPont Co., 1939-1963; director of Technical Information, US Department of Defense, 1963-1967; IBM Corp.: technical consultant to chief scientist, 1967-1968, marketing consultant, corporate office, 1968-1985; director, Engineering Information, Inc., 1984-1990.

Honors and Awards: fellow, American Institute of Chemical Engineers; ACM Distinguished Service Award, 1991.

Walter Carlson joined DuPont's industrial engineering division in October 1939, and after 15 years in process improvement and planning assignments, he set up the organization to install, operate, and program Serial #12 Univac I in August 1954. The group also provided company-wide consultation in statistics, mathematical analysis, quality control, and operations research.

In 1963, he was employed by the US Department of Defense to create the office of director of technical information. At that time, he was chairman of the Engineering Information Committee of the Engineer's joint Council, predecessor of the American Association of Engineering Societies.

In February 1967 he joined the IBM Corporation as technical consultant to the chief scientist, and in June 1968 he became a marketing consultant in IBM's corporate office. He retired from that position in 1985 while covering product development and marketing planning for storage products, printers, copiers, and application software on a world-wide basis.


Walter Carlson died Aug 21, 2010.

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