Heinz Rutishauser

Early Swiss computer scientist who worked on Konrad Zuse's Z4 and developed his own two-dimensional programming system Plankalkul--not to be confused with Zuse's own earlier system of the same name.



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Significant Publications

Rutishauser, H., et al., Programmgestuerte Digitale Rechengerate (Elektronische Rechenmaschinen), Mitt. Aus dem Inst. f. Angewandte Mathematik an der E. T. H., Zurich, Vol. 2, 195 1.


Heinz Rutishauser was born 30 January 1918 in Weinfelden, Switzerland and died on 10 November 1970 in Zurich (MRW 2012). Portrait added (MRW, 2013).

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